About us.

Wrong print supplies are a thing of the past.

Often printing consumables are ordered with a preferred supplier. However, printing consumables always have been and always will be an issue. Asian type printers will not print with European consumables, European printers will not print with Asian consumables etc. which in many cases leads to either wrong supplies, or unnecessary purchase of local printers and consumables, resulting in a steadily growing amount of obsolete, unused items on board.

The perfect solution.

Ships Ink. holds the perfect solution for these issues. We have large stock of all regions in main ports such as Rotterdam and Singapore.
Together with very competitive pricing, high quality products, limited lead times, proper in-house knowledge, major shipping / ship management
companies, Ships Ink. is your go-to printing consumables supplier in the maritime industry.

We strive to become the most convenient, customer centered supplier of printer consumables and relatables in the maritime industry.
Our main goal is to build up, maintain and strengthen collaborative relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our employees.

We truly believe we can be of incredible value to your company by offering our best service and rates at the right price and time.
Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help, assist and problem-solve for our customers, in many ports, all over the world.

  • We understand the need of our clients.
  • We deliver fast and always at competitive rates.
  • We lead our industry in service and follow-up.
  • We only work with the best in their field of experience.
  • We maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers. Which gives us much pride!

Our products must meet or exceed equipment manufacturer’s specifications.
We ensure continuous monitoring of our high quality standards our products must meet. We provide sustainable, risk free products, with 100% warranty.


7 January 2015

First fleet agreement.

1 June 2016

Stockpoint Korea.

1 February 2017

15th Fleet agreement.

1 March 2017

100 Clients.

1 April 2017

Stockpoint Singapore.

Mid / End 2019