Our services.

The issue with not being able to acquire foreign types of cartridges and toners are in the past.
We are able to deliver any exotic cartrdige or toner worldwide. Most common foreign types are available from stock.

No more incomplete offers. No more inconvenience.
We are able to quote a 100%.  (Ok, fair enough, 99%, some items do become obsolete, even for us.)

Over the years we have worked expanding our horizon, resulting in solid partnerships, stockpoints and future stockpoints to better suit the needs of our clients.

Rotterdam & Singapore

Besides Rotterdam we have a large stockpoint in Singapore.
This strategic position enables us to serve our clients conveniently across the globe.

In the future we will open stock points in other main hubs to increase our global reach.

We offer the possibilty to hold dedicated stock in main port worldwide.
For our loyal customers this is an excellent way to substantially:
• Increase convenience.
• Increase service.
• Decrease lead time.

We also offer the possibilty to redistribute unused/obsolete stock along other vessels in your fleet.

We offer the possibilty to redistribute unused/obsolete stock along other vessels in your fleet.

We proudly present our own thoroughly tested Ships Ink. brand for all printer models (used by our large clients for years with no complaints)
Our products meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

We highly recommend the use of our own products for your laser printer(s). These are the biggest money savers.

  • Worldwide delivery to any agent/forwarder of choice.
  • No delivery expenses for deliveries in The Netherlands,
    Belgium & Germany to any agent/forwarder of choice.
  • We deliver FAS Rotterdam.
  • All other Shipment costs te be agreed.

We ensure continuous monitoring of our high quality standards our products must meet. We provide sustainable, risk free products, with 100% warranty.

If a product does not meet up to your expectations, let us know, we will replace it without charge.

Each year 500 million empty or used cartridges and toners end up going to landfill, which will take 450 to 1000 years to biodegrade.
Disposing of cartridges and toners in the most environmental friendly way is one of our main priorities.
We have set up a collection and reuse/recycling service for our clients. Through our various collection partners we arrange worldwide collection of our clients empty cartridges and toners.

The benefits of using our collection service really do make a difference to the environmental footprint your printing creates.